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When ink and leather furniture don’t mix: Removing pen marks from your leather sofa

One of our Facebook friends asked about pen marks on a red leather sofa whose label said it was “leather treated”.  We’re not too sure what “treated” means, so we’ll tell you how we understand the situation.
Leather, like wooden furniture, can be finished or unfinished. Pen marks on finished leather can easily be removed using Guardsman’s Ink Remover Wipe.  Ink on unfinished leather (or ink that has penetrated an old, weak finish) requires the assistance of an experienced leather furniture repair technician – one who also knows how to restore color to unfinished leather. (Find a Guardsman technician here)
How can you be sure what kind of leather you’ve got? Simply rub a drop of water into the leather using your fingertip. If the leather darkens, it’s unfinished. (Makes sense, right? There’s no finish to repel the water.)
By the way, Guardsman’s Ink Remover Wipe can be found online or a store near you.  Order one here or check out the store locator here to find one you can use today. (P.S. It’s reusable!)