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The greasy truth about pizza: Removing stains from fabric furniture

A very brave friend of ours was eating pizza near a new armchair (no need to discuss why, right?) when she noticed an oil stain on the arm of the new chair. This stain did not respond to her gentle ministrations with a damp cloth, leaving her beside herself as to her next move.

Once again, we’re happy to ride in to the rescue.

We recommend she (and you?) pick up some Guardsman Fabric First Aid Stain Remover. Following the package directions, she can start with Level 1 to remove the stains. In case you need to achieve much more miraculous results then use the Level 2 (both come in the same package).

And, should some of your friend’s drinks hit the furniture as well, Guardsman Fabric First Aid Stain Remover also works on beverage stains such as wine and beer as well. (Whew, right?)

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