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Something new to chew on: Removing chewing gum from a fabric couch

Whether you’re a peppermint girl, a wintergreen fan (or even a hot cinnamon devotee) there’s only one cardinal rule for chewing gum: keep it in your mouth.   You know that and I know that…but clearly someone “on the home team” forgot. And now that’s gum on the couch.
This recently happened to one of our friends, and she did what any of us would do. She went after the gum with an ice cube and a butter knife.  She got much of it out, too. Freeze. Scrape. Repeat.   Still, it was a time-intensive process and one that seemed a little hard on the fabric.  Was there a better way? You bet: Guardsman Dry Cleaning Fluid. A real time (and fabric) saver!  The Guardsman Dry Cleaning Fluid safely removes oil-soluble stains such as grease, tar, chewing gum, adhesive, paint, wax, crayon, oily foods, lipstick and heel marks.
See the step by step instructions below on how to remove gum from your fabric couch.

Instructions on how to remove gum from your fabric couch:
1.    Pull as much of the gum away from the couch as possible, without spreading it or embedding it in the fibers.
2.    Pretest the Guardsman Dry Cleaning Fluid in a hidden area.
3.    Apply a small amount of cleaner to a soft, clean white cloth. Begin at the edge of the stain and work toward the center, turning the cloth often. Blot, don’t rub the stain, as rubbing can roughen the delicate fibers and leave the fabric looking worn and faded.
4.    If your first attempt does not remove the spot, you may want to repeat steps.