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Remove Residue from Your Wooden Table

Sometimes stubborn soils build up on your wooden table. Use the Guardsman Wood Cleaner to remove the film or residue left behind.
1) Spray the Guardsman Wood Cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe in the same direction of the wood grain.  You may need to do this a couple times depending on the streaky appearance. Wipe using the cloth until completely dry.

Note, if you have switched over from using another brand of furniture polish, it is a good practice to use the Guardsman Wood Cleaner prior to using the Guardsman polish for the first time.  Other brands of wood polishes may contain silicones, waxes, or other additives that are still on the surface.  The Wood Cleaner will help remove any wax build up.

2) Apply Guardsman Polish. Spray or wet a soft cloth with Guardsman Polish and wipe in the same direction of the wood grain. Make sure you evenly distribute the polish.  With a clean dry area of the cloth or by using another clean dry cloth, wipe the surface completely dry.  Always make sure you wipe in the same direction of the wood grain when applying care products to wood surfaces.

I recommend using the Guardsman Ultimate Dust Cloth as needed between polishing to remove loose soils and airborne pollutants.  The Guardsman Dust Cloth is hand washable and reusable.