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Protect Your New Leather Furniture

Autumn is the right time to spruce up your home for the holidays and, if you’re like many people, part of the spruce up is new furniture. If you go to the substantial expense of buying leather, why not take some time to prevent stains and damage before they occur?

First, check out your furniture when it arrives. Many times, it will arrive with a Guardsman Furniture Care Kit and, if so, lucky you! Know that the retailer may have already applied leather protection but if you want to make sure and do it again, it won’t harm your furniture in any way.

Just rub Guardsman’s Leather Protector Wipes  in a circular motion, one panel at a time, then wipe the leather completely dry. This helps protect against body oil stains, which take a while to show up but eventually cause the leather to become discolored and stiff. Apply twice a month, especially on headrests and other areas that come in direct contact with body oils.

Next time you use Leather Protector wipes, you’ll need to clean the leather first with Guardsman Leather Cleaner. Apply in a circular fashion and dry as you did when using the Leather Protector Wipe before. Once the leather is clean and dry, use the Leather Protector Wipe to lay down a fresh layer of protection.

Finally, believe it or not, dust can harm leather’s finish, too. So dust regularly with Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth. It’s pretreated to pick up and trap more dust and – it’s reusable.