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Markers and Leather don’t mix on furniture

Once upon a time, a primary school teacher had a fondness for grading in permanent markers. She loved doing it on her old couch and, when she bought a lovely new leather couch, she continued to love doing it.  Then one day, she “corrected” the arm of the new leather couch and the ugly mark only got worse when she tried to clean it off. She envisioned having to look at this mark for the next 20 years. Her heart was heavy.  Then she found Guardsman’s In-Home Care & Repair Service.

“I was quickly reassured that my mistake could be erased!” she said, heaving a sigh of relief. “I called within days to make an appointment. The serviceman was efficient and personable and within an hour of arriving at our house, the furniture was completely repaired – no evidence of my handiwork! “It’s good to know that even with five grandkids, a grand dog and a room full of second graders generating homework to grade, Guardsman In-Home Care & Repair is here for me should I need help again. I am protected should I again need help! I am so thankful we called Guardsman.”

Talk about a happy ending!