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How to determine the type of leather upholstery you own

We often get asked how to determine what type of leather upholstery one owns to know how to treat and protect their leather furniture. Well we have the answers.

One way to determine which type of leather you have is to place a small droplet of water directly to the leather in a hidden area. Rub the water droplet into the leather using your fingertip.

  • If the leather does not change in color, you probably have finished leather.
  • If the leather darkens in any way from the water droplet and fingertip massage, it is either an aniline, semi aniline, pull up, or a buffed leather type.
  • If you have determined that it is
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    finished leather it may be too late to rectify with a consumer friendly product. You may need the attention of an experienced leather furniture technician, or possibly even an upholsterer to change the panel for you. This is why it is very important to routinely clean and protect leather upholstery because doing so helps to prolong the life of leather furnishings.

Routinely use Guardsman Leather Cleaner to clean leather (bi-monthly), and protect it after each cleaning with Guardsman Leather Protector to help keep stains, body oils, and other soils from penetrating into the leather. Use the Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth to remove loose soils in between cleaning & protection applications. Dust particulates are abrasive and overtime they break down a finished leather and vinyl surface.