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  • Ask the Pro: Ask Questions, Get Answers from Our Furniture Guru!
    How can I get the pizza box ring out of my coffee table? My favorite ink pen exploded on my white couch…can this be fixed? Do I need to protect the new furniture I purchased for my new apartment even though it’s brand new?
  • Markers and Leather don’t mix on furniture
    Once upon a time, a primary school teacher had a fondness for grading in permanent markers. She loved doing it on her old couch and, when she bought a lovely new leather couch, she continued to love doing it.  Then one day, she “corrected” the arm of the new leather couch and the ugly mark [...]
  • Guardsman makes house calls – for furniture needs!
    Did you know that sometimes Guardsman comes to you? Think about that next time you buy some furniture; you have to call Guardsman In-Home Care & Repair to get in the game. But oh, the benefits! Here’s one true story: “I rarely leave our 14 year old Maltese alone, but I did one day and [...]
  • A changing table repaired – for the better!
    One dad wrote to tell us his baby girl “exploded” in the nursery one morning while his wife was changing her diaper.  He says: “As the contamination crew (me) cleaned up this natural disaster, I noticed that the changing pad’s plastic snaps had been silently scratching the surface of our changing table for months.  This [...]
  • Guardsman sends out Picasso
    One busy family’s story: “As parents of young children we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to that fact that spills and stains are just part of our lives. So I was unprepared for how badly I would feel when my son left a glow-in-the-dark bracelet on our nicest piece of furniture: the dining room table. In [...]
  • Spring Cleaning for Mother’s Day
    Spring cleaning is in high gear – especially with Mother’s Day only a few days away. Your home will soon be filled with the joy and laughter of family members young and old, and one thing not to be left off the spring cleaning checklist is the beautification of your family’s wooden heirloom furniture. Similar [...]
  • Ask the Pro: How can I check my furniture retailer applied the Guardsman Fabric Protection on my furniture?
    Most furniture retailers do not apply a tag showing that the fabric was treated so it is hard to tell. You can always call the retailer where you purchased your furniture to see if they applied the protector. We also sell the Fabric Protector in an aerosol so that you can easily apply it to [...]
  • How to determine the type of leather upholstery you own
    We often get asked how to determine what type of leather upholstery one owns to know how to treat and protect their leather furniture. Well we have the answers. One way to determine which type of leather you have is to place a small droplet of water directly to the leather in a hidden area. [...]
  • Remove Residue from Your Wooden Table
    Sometimes stubborn soils build up on your wooden table. Use the Guardsman Wood Cleaner to remove the film or residue left behind. 1) Spray the Guardsman Wood Cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe in the same direction of the wood grain.  You may need to do this a couple times depending on the streaky [...]
  • 3 Little Leather Furniture Care Facts
    Today, things you might not know – and should – about your lovely leather furniture. Thing 1: Never place your leather near a heat source, such as fireplaces & heating vents.. You’ll dry out the leather. (When leather is placed too close to the heat it will dry out and become brittle.) Thing 2:  Clean [...]
  • Protect Your New Leather Furniture
    Autumn is the right time to spruce up your home for the holidays and, if you’re like many people, part of the spruce up is new furniture. If you go to the substantial expense of buying leather, why not take some time to prevent stains and damage before they occur? First, check out your furniture [...]
  • Something new to chew on: Removing chewing gum from a fabric couch
    Whether you’re a peppermint girl, a wintergreen fan (or even a hot cinnamon devotee) there’s only one cardinal rule for chewing gum: keep it in your mouth.   You know that and I know that…but clearly someone “on the home team” forgot. And now that’s gum on the couch. This recently happened to one of our [...]
  • The greasy truth about pizza: Removing stains from fabric furniture
    A very brave friend of ours was eating pizza near a new armchair (no need to discuss why, right?) when she noticed an oil stain on the arm of the new chair. This stain did not respond to her gentle ministrations with a damp cloth, leaving her beside herself as to her next move. Once [...]
  • Cat scratch fever? Try Guardsman Filler Sticks
    “My Super Kitty clawed all the way through the finish and into the wood of my cherished hunt board. Trouble is, you can feel the scratches as well as see them. What can I do to make them disappear?” Happily, we know just what to do and it doesn’t involve punishing the cat (like that [...]
  • When ink and leather furniture don’t mix: Removing pen marks from your leather sofa
    One of our Facebook friends asked about pen marks on a red leather sofa whose label said it was “leather treated”.  We’re not too sure what “treated” means, so we’ll tell you how we understand the situation. Leather, like wooden furniture, can be finished or unfinished. Pen marks on finished leather can easily be removed [...]
  • Memorial Day Furniture Sales: Deal or No Deal?
    Memorial Day kicks off summer and lots of furniture sales. So if you’re thinking of adding a piece or two (or three) to your home, know this: not all sales are created equal. Read the circulars.  May and June are great times to buy recliners (Happy Father’s Day) as well as mattresses and box springs [...]
  • Falling in Love with Furniture
    The wedding is over. Honeymoon bags unpacked. Even the thank you notes are written. For many newlyweds, this is when they look around and realize that they have an empty house and no furniture to sit on or store their wedding gifts in. Facing an empty house can be intimidating, but it’s important to remember [...]
  • Is It Time? When to replace a mattress or pillow
    We spend hours in our beds every day, but don’t often think about when it’s time for a new sleeping environment. So how do you know when it’s time to replace a mattress or pillow? The answer isn’t always obvious, especially considering that every mattress and pillow is different and it depends on how and [...]
  • Before and After: Our Customers Love Guardsman
    It’s no secret here at Furniture Therapy that we’re big fans of our very own Furniture Protection Plan and we LOVE hearing from customers who feel the same way! Check out what some of our recent customers are saying: “I burned my husband’s two week old blue leather chair with a light bulb. I felt [...]

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