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Falling in Love with Furniture

The wedding is over. Honeymoon bags unpacked. Even the thank you notes are written. For many newlyweds, this is when they look around and realize that they have an empty house and no furniture to sit on or store their wedding gifts in. Facing an empty house can be intimidating, but it’s important to remember that buying furniture is an investment and therefore something that should be done thoughtfully.

So what should newlyweds know when they’re shopping for furniture for the first time as a couple?

Determine Your Needs

Whether you’re in a one-bedroom rental apartment or a brand-new house, it’s important to assess what you really need in your home together and how much space you have. Browse internet boards for inspiration and make a wish list of what pieces you’d both eventually like for each room (don’t forget to measure).

Don’t Rush

Remember, you don’t have to buy it all at once! The thrill of shopping can be exciting, but furnishing an entire home at once can also be overwhelming. Making big purchase decisions under stress is never a good idea, so think about one starter piece for each room and remember that you can continue to build on your decorating progress slowly.

Discuss Budget

Building a home together also means building finances together. Don’t let your first big fight be about furniture.  So, be sure to discuss a furniture budget together before you’re in the aisles of a furniture store.

Think Protection

Once you’ve found furniture you love, be sure you can keep it that way. Nothing gives you more confidence and satisfaction than knowing that your furniture investment will remain beautiful and valuable for as long as possible. With Guardsman® Furniture Protection Plans, you will have peace of mind knowing that your new fabric, leather, wood, and many other types of furniture are protected from accidental stains and damage.*