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Cat scratch fever? Try Guardsman Filler Sticks

“My Super Kitty clawed all the way through the finish and into the wood of my cherished hunt board. Trouble is, you can feel the scratches as well as see them. What can I do to make them disappear?”
Happily, we know just what to do and it doesn’t involve punishing the cat (like that would work anyway…)
Go get some Guardsman Filler Sticks and color in the scratches. No special skills needed. Just choose the right color filler stick and follow directions. As you color and hide the scratches from view, you’ll be filling them in, too. Suddenly, it’s like it never happened…and Super Kitty is back in your good graces.
Order these awesome Guardsman filler sticks online or, if you’re in a rush, check out the Guardsman store locator here. P.S. You get five popular colors to the pack so you’ll be ready for the next scratchy mishap life sends your way.