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Ask the Pro: How can I check my furniture retailer applied the Guardsman Fabric Protection on my furniture?

Most furniture retailers do not apply a tag showing that the fabric was treated so it is hard to tell. You can always call the retailer where you purchased your furniture to see if they applied the protector. We also sell the Fabric Protector in an aerosol so that you can easily apply it to your furniture.

To apply the Fabric Protector follow these simple steps:

Before proceeding we recommend that you test in a hidden area until damp. If any color change occurs, do not use. Let the test area dry.

1)     Cover any non-fabric surfaces so that they are not sprayed.

2)     Shake the can well before spraying.

3)     Hold the can 10-12 inches away from material being treated.

4)     Spray evenly in a slow back and forth sweeping motion, overlapping slightly, until surface is damp.

5)     Spray one coat. Then allow the area to dry in 2-4 hours. Then apply the second coat. Note, two coats are more effective than one heavy coat.

6)     Reapply after every cleaning or annually to maintain protection.