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3 Little Leather Furniture Care Facts

Today, things you might not know – and should – about your lovely leather furniture.

Thing 1: Never place your leather near a heat source, such as fireplaces & heating vents..

You’ll dry out the leather. (When leather is placed too close to the heat it will dry out and become brittle.)

Thing 2:  Clean and protect your furniture twice a year, except for…

…the heavily-used parts, where bodies make contact with the leather (headrests, seats, armrests & footrests). For best results, clean and protect these parts bi-monthly to prevent build-up of dirt and oils.

Thing 3:  Get after the sneakiest culprit.

Sorry to say, but dust is everywhere and doing some damage to your leather finish, if you don’t keep your furniture dusted. Try the Guardsman Dusting Cloth for best results: it grabs and traps dust to make quick work of the task and you don’t have to spray a thing into the air (or onto the leather!)